The Council

The Council, five wise-men of Meridian, serves our fair land by using their acquired knowledge to benefit daily life. For the most part, they are honest and impartial in their decisions – guided by the Priestess of Shal’ille. However, Duke Arkadius, Princess Kateriina, Jonas D’Accor and their factions of followers try to sway the Council down differing paths:

Duke Akardius has realized the wisdom of the island magics in his struggle to dominate. His training allows players to gain more improvements while learning Riija, Qor and Kraanan spells. To aid his followers, the Duke has trained them in the ability to retain vigor while fighting or casting spells.

Princess Kateriina has listened to her advisors and has granted more powers to her followers. She allows her followers to cast more potent spells, as well as helping them to learn Shal’ille, Faren and Jala spells faster than normal. She also trains her followers in methods to enhance both their defense and their mana regeneration. Because of her royal fortune, her influence over the merchants of the Meridian has allowed lower prices for her followers.

Jonas D’Accor has finally made his move to take over control of the politics of Meridian. Fed up with the unsteadiness of the Princess and the new Duke, he has organized his own band of rebels. In response, each faction has taken new perspectives on how to gain the councilors’ favor. The rebel Jonas encourages his followers to be strong. His training allows faster regeneration of hit points and enhanced learning of weaponcraft skills. Jonas also trains players to do more damage while fighting off the monsters and murderers of the land.

Should you desire to join either of these factions, seek either Liege. As a faction member, you can help to influence the Council yourself, and share in the benefits of belonging to the party in power. You will need to demonstrate fealty to your Liege on a regular basis to keep your name on the rolls. Even if you join neither faction, you will still be influenced by the Council’s decisions – as are all.

The Factions

A player can join one of these factions as soon as he has 50 HP, at least Level 5 in one of the spell schools, or having reincarnated once.

Princess Katerina

Spellpower (Shal’ille, Faren, Jala)Learn bonus (Shal’ille, Faren, Jala)Defense bonus

Bonus: Small (constant) price bonus.

Loyalty favors are one way trips.

Duke Arcadius

Spellpower (Riija, Qor, Kraanan)Learn bonus (Riija, Qor, Kraanan)Regen (SP)

Bonus: Able to buy in stores even if Red.

Jonas D Accor

Learn bonus (Skills)Hitroll bonusRegen (HP)Bonus: Small (constant) damage bonus

How to Join a Faction

To join a faction, go to the faction leader and say join . You must then solve a problem. Duke Akardius will ask you for a gem, Princess Kateriina asks you to transfer a letter, and Jonas D Accor will ask for armor or a weapon.

If you are a member of a faction, you must regularly prove your loyalty by doing loyalty quests.

The Tokens

The power each faction has is determined by the number of councilors they have on their side. There are 5 councilors spread out along the lands of Meridian. They watch over and study the ancient tokens. Sometimes a token will mysteriously blink itself away from its councilor. If it is returned by a faction member the council will be grateful and support that faction. There are three levels of support:

  1. Strong believer in the Duke, Princess or Jonas.
  2. Weak believer in the Duke, Princess or Jonas.
  3. Follows Shal’ille (unfactioned)

If a councilor is unfactioned or a follower of Shal’ille when a faction member returns his token he becomes a weak believer in that faction. If his token is returned again by someone of the same faction he becomes a strong believer of that faction. If his token is returned by someone of the same faction for a third time he comes under suspicion and he will make a pilgrimage to Shal’ille’s Temple to purify his thoughts. This will cause a shift in power to the other faction. To find out where the councilor loyalties lie go to your faction leader and say the names of the councilors.

The current political scenario has also changed with the addition of a new dimension. As a faction grows larger, the liege will no longer be able to dedicate as much time to his or her followers. This means that your powers will diminish as a greater share of the people join your faction. One fully powered faction will no longer be more powerful than many lesser powered faction; the lieges will no longer be able to spend time with everyone.

There are also rumors that the unfactioned are tired of the bullying of lieges and have rallied themselves together by turning the councilors to the truth of Shal’ille and ripping flags from the poles. It is said that they have begun to train each other in the skills of the councilors.

The councilors each have a set requirement. These are not needed to return a token but if you meet the requirement you will personally receive a reward by the councilor and the power of persuasion to the councilor will be doubled.

Name Note Description

Ruined Coffer


Master in 1 school

Covered in mysterious runes said to explain the workings of spells, the token is unreadable by all except the Councilor who studies it.

Jade Cat


Weapons Master

Like a living cat is known for its dexterity and mastery of skills, this ancient token is rumored to teach its techniques to its Councilor master. Returning it would likely raise your status in the Royal Court.

Jewelled Egg

Bei Naq

Carrying 10k

Encrusted with every gemstone known, this ancient token is rumored to call forth the riches of the land at the wish of the Councilor who tends it. Returning it would likely raise your status in the Royal Court.

Demon Skull


85+ hp

The fabled demon beast was known for its endurance and fortitude. This ancient token is rumored to speak its secrets to the Councilor who cares for it. Returning it would likely raise your status in the Royal Court.

Crystal Sphere


65+ mana

Swirling with mystical patterns, this ancient token is some relative of the mana nodes, and in the hands of a Councilor is rumored to glow when near one. Returning it would likely raise your status in the Royal Court.


  1. There are NO penalties for attacking and killing a token holder.
  2. You can not pick up a token if you are a faction soldier.
  3. If you are under 40 hp don’t waste time trying to pick a token up.
  4. You can only hold a token if you have nothing in your hands.
  5. If a councilor is strong already, DO NOT return his token to him! This will result in a scandal, making the councilor shift to Shal’lile for purification causing a shift in power. Instead, return the token to your factions leader.
  6. If you are carrying a token and someone is trying to PK you to take it, don’t worry about it… if you die, you will not loose your inventory.
  7. Never Trust The NPCs!!! When they say “I heard a rumor that the token has teleported away from its councilor and was last seen near somewhere“. The key word is RUMOR. Always go to your factions leader and say “token” 10 times. You will notice that a few times he/she says its in a different place. The token will be in the place that was said most often out of the 10 times.